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Ayla Rose
Ayla: Prepare the Vessel

As it is written in the scrolls of Scelos, the High Queen shall be reborn into the body of one of the descendants of those who betrayed her. We have traced the blood-line of Miss McTavish and it is true. She is of the clan. She knows nothing of her lineage... or her destiny. Bring her to me, here in the monastery, and we will introduce her to the Black Queen! We we call forth our mistress into her young and innocent flesh, and storm will rage within her. We shall see our daemon mistress behind her eyes!

Hywel's note: this story was of course written after the shoot, when I realised that the red-eye from the ring-flash I was experimenting with was so pronounced that no amount of red-eye removal tool was going to cut it. Rather than ship everything into the ghastly photoshop to fix, I decided to embrace the daemonic look and make Ayla the damsel-in-distress in a "secret cult" pulp horror story :-)

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