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The Elegance Network: Browsing Becky Perry: The Trouble With Tape Gags
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Becky Perry
Becky Perry: The Trouble With Tape Gags

Love the way Becky looks in black and red satin neatly tied up like this! This was a members' request, I think, and they asked for a tape gag as well.

If you've been lucky enough to do some BDSM play in real life you'll know that gags aren't all they are cracked up to be. Tape gags are a particular case in point. I love the way they look- and using red tape for this as requested was just the thing to set the images off perfectly. But the damn stuff doesn't stick to well when a model is wearing makeup! Left to my own devices I'd probably have replaced the tape with either vetwrap (which binds to itself but not to fur or hair, so you can wrap it around the head to make it more secure) or with a nice snug ball-gag. But the request was definitely for red tape- so here we go! Sorry that you can see the edges of the tape coming loose a bit on a few shots, we kept going back in and re-securing it!

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