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Jenny Lang
Jenny Lang: Art Gallery Guard

You It's a pretty dull assignment for a cop who fancies herself the equal of any man on the force. Shunted off the streets and into a boring old art gallery to guard some smutty "masterpiece". As if anyone is going to break in and steal it! And even if they did, she's got her gun, she could see off a whole gang of armed raiders! Crash! Bang! What? Argh! Get off me!How humiliating! Disarmed in a instant by some weedy geek in glasses, then tied up and forced to watch as he stole the painting from right under her nose! The thief had already made good his escape with the painting, leaving Jenny struggling to get free and raise the alarm! She hadn't even brought her radio with her, so that was out... but wait! Up there! The phone on the wall! She shuffled her way across the room as best she could, managed to get herself up onto her knees after five attempts but- oh no! There was just no way she could reach the phone!...
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