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Jenny Lang
Jenny Lang Kidnapped by Chat Room Stranger

They'd been chatting online for months. He seemed really nice, but there was something in the back of her mind that made her hesitate when he finally suggested they meet. Was it that she didn't know if he would live up to her day-dreams? Or was it something about the kinky fantasies that they'd both admitted they shared? The flowers and chocolates delivered to her office were a surprise! She had told him she adored blossom flowers, so he'd sent her some to braid into her hair! And what girl doesn't love chocolate? She decided to save them until she got home, to have in the bath the way she always did. After a lovely long soak she felt so warm and cosy and sleepy that she just snuggled down into the duvet and drifted off... He watched her fall asleep, the gentle drugs in the chocolates doing their work. He knew she wouldn't even have a headache in the morning. It had taken a bit of detective work to find her, but knowing where she worked it wasn't that hard to follow her home- after all, she didn't know what he looked like! He just hoped that she wouldn't be disappointed when she awoke, in chains, like in the fantasy books they both loved to read, to find herself his captive love-slave... She was terrified for a moment when she awoke in shackles in a strange room, chained to the bed, a tall stranger towering over her. Then he whispered "It's what you wanted, Jenny"... and she knew that everything was going to be just fine!
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