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Jenny Lang
Jenny Lang - Robot Sex Toy

Poor little Jennie-69! Her owner has a new girlfriend, so he doesn't need his little robot sex toy any more! Abandoned for a flesh and blood woman! Locked in the cellar, as if she was just a thing, as if she was as cold as the metal bars of the cage he kept her in! Her flesh was latest generation synthi-flesh, top of the range thermo weave plastic, warm and soft as any real girl's! The cellar door opened! She blinked in the sudden daylight. He was coming to let her out of the cage! He'd dumped that silly human girl and was coming back for pure hot sex with his lovely Jennie-69! She was SOOOOO horny it hurt! All the 69 models had inbuilt nymphomania circuits- she genuinely NEEDED to feel his touch! But no.. he had just read in the manual that lack of proper maintenance and digital exercise could invalidate the warranty. He got her out of the cage, got her to stretch her sexy long limbs, work out the mechanical stiffness, make everything supple again.. then he chained her back up and went back upstairs! The cellar door closed on her broken robot heart... :-( Jennie-69 heard shouting upstairs. Her electronic ears drank in the sweet sounds of a major row between her one true lover/master/owner and his silly little human girlfriend. The screams and shouts were music to hear ears... the crescendo... the high heeled shoes stamping across the hall above her, the slamming door! YES! In her deprived state it almost triggered a full-on robot orgasm! The cellar door opened again. He stood framed in the light. Maybe not every girl's dream man, but to her he was her one, her only, her lover, her master, her reason for being. The -69 series were programmed to be horny, but always faithful. She would, could never love another, her circuits were imprinted with him to the deepest levels of her silicon heart. His footsteps down the stairs. His hand on her shoulder. Unlocking her. Locking her into the steel stocks that he always loved to imprison her in when he wanted free access to her body, when he didn't want her to play her programmed teasing coy games. FINALLY!!!
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