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Paige Robbins
Paige Bound In The Globe Cage

Forum member Merlin spotted this awesome one-of-a-kind stainless steel globe cage on eBay. Only trouble was the cage didn't collapse so it wouldn't fit through a domestic door. Then he had a brainwave... he knew a certain bondage photographer with a studio which had industrial unit double doors! He emailed me (thanks Merlin!) and as soon as I saw the cage I knew two things. 1) I had to have it 2) I had to get Paige in it! Within a few days I'd won the auction, had the cage delivered and had Paige locked up inside it. Of course, Paige couldn't resist using the bars as a sort of bondage gymnasium for a bit of a workout! We did discover one flaw... Paige is so trim and toned and flexible that she could actually just about slip through the bars of the cage! Hmmmm... I had to do something about that... Paige was just too limber and lithe- she could slip out between the bars of my new cage! I had to fix that fatal flaw. Aha! The top of the cage, where the meridians met, had a small circular hole. Just perfect for passing a chain through. Now... with the chain attached to a nice secure steel collar and fastened to the ceiling, Paige could wriggle all she liked, but she was not getting out of that cage until I let her go!
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