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Jenny Lang
Jenny Lang Bunny Girl

What better way to make your Easter party go with a bang than hiring a bunny girl stripper for the occasion? Mind you, this stripper doesn't seem to be doing much stripping. In fact, she mostly seems to be drinking. Expensive champagne cocktails, in fact. She's knocking them back like there's no tomorrow! Hey girl, that's not what I'm paying you for, you know! You better start shaking your booty or you aren't getting a penny! Don't you cheek me, girl! That's it! Handcuffs for you! Now get on and entertain my guests! And watch you don't kick... argh! Too late! Oh no! In her drunken giggles, she'd put her glass down... then kicked it over! There was sticky champagne cocktail everywhere! All over the floor, the sheets, her legs... there was nothing for it! She had to be taken in hand! It was time for the big bad ballgag!
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