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Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood - The Secretary

"Every damn day I have to put up with her teasing me. Ever since the office Christmas party, when I had one too many to drink and let on that I was a foot fetish man. Every damn day since she has worn stockings, and dangled her shoes from her toes as she works. She never did before. The first day it was fun- nice to have something to look at. But damn it is hard to keep your mind on the accounts with a totem pole in your trousers. And she's wicked with it. I even try to avoid meeting her eyes now because of the arrogant disdain I will see there. God, and if I ever have to ask her something! She sits there listening to me, and she watches my eyes watch her legs as she hitches her skirt up another inch, so the stocking tops just show a flash of pale flesh."

"Well tonight I've had enough. There's only the two of us left in the office, we have to finish the Zamebsi accounts off. She's being even more brazen than usual. She picked a pair of shoes that she can't help but dangle, showing off her petite feet. But let's see how she likes my little rope surprise!"

He got up from his desk, the red rope in his hand. When he walks over to her, she assumes it is to ask a question... so her hand goes right to the hem of her skirt. Then she sees the rope. She shrieks and backs away- but even her outrage seems calculated. When he has her tied to her chair and at his mercy, gagged and bound, the look in her eyes still says "and NOW what, wimp?"

What happens now is what they've both been aiming for for the last month of course. He gags her, strips her, runs his hands over her breasts. When he reties her to gain more access to her, she doesn't fight very hard. It is almost as though she wanted to provoke him this far. Now she's settling in for the ride, and wondering how far he will go. She hopes it will be all the way.

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