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Paige Robbins
Paige: Wrongly Imprisoned Wench

Poor Paige! She was just day-dreaming in the hay-loft, drinking the last dregs of her cider from her tankard. It was a lovely warm summer's day, and she was a little behind on her chores, but she knew she'd have the long evening to catch up if she needed to. She was really sleepy... would anyone really care if she caught a few sleepy winks, dreaming of Will the Miller's son... There was a huge crash as the doors of the hay-loft burst open. Standing in the doorway was the terrifying figure of the witchfinder! "There she is!" said a shrill voice from behind the huge man. "I seen her! She was drinking blood from that tankard and I seen her laying back and doing the dirty with somefink invisible!" "Paige!" bellowed the witchfinder. "You are accused of witchcraft, of drinking blood, and of consorting with incubi!" He reached into his bag and pulled out the dreaded metal stocks...
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