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Paige Robbins
Paige Robbins - Bound on the Bed

Paige shows off some more of Chanta's great rope-work in the second part of this stunning set. The only real trouble is that with the elegant setting, the perfect ropework, the stylish lighting and Paige being such a bondage star, the position doesn't actually look that tough. Take a closer look- she's tied elbows, forearms, wrists to shoulder harness, elbows together, and her legs in stringent frogtie. What you can't tell is that to get the poses of her on her stomach, we had to physically pick her up and reposition her- she really couldn't do it herself! The first time Chanta came over to rig for Restrained Elegance, we had a bit of a rope snob's tiff. Chanta uses hemp rope exclusively for her site, and I quite understand why. Hemp rope is the slightly rougher-looking rope, usually golden-brown in colour, and it is fantastic to tie with. It has a little bit of bite so when you tie a knot, it stays tied. So why on earth would I have boxes and boxes full of nasty shiny slippery nylon rope like this silver stuff around the studio? Well... because although Restrained Elegance is about restraint, it is also about elegance, and there's something very elegant and pretty about the bright colours you can only get in nylon rope. I think this set was the turning point in the tiff. Paige looked simply stunning in her white lingerie and white stockings, posing in a sultry soft pool of light on the red satin bedspread. Even Chanta had to agree that the silver rope would just 'pop' and set everything off perfectly. And as she discovered, although nylon is an absolute bastard to tie with, you CAN do it. You have to be more careful about the ends because a simple sqaure knot may come undone as the victim struggles... but if you think about it and rig it right, it works just as well. Paige was certainly not arguing- this position was bloody strict, elbows right together, and totally inescapable. In the end, Chanta's only complaint was that because everything looks so perfect, the bondage looks a hell of a lot easier than it actually is! But I don't care - I know how strict it was, and I know how glorious Paige looks, and I love this set!
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