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Nikki and The Slave Auction

Welcome once again to Honest Omar's, Oh esteemed client! This week we have many fine slaves for your perusal, but may I suggest Lot 1350 in particular? I think the trainers have missed a trick here, if I may be so bold. She may not have the full Kama Sutra certificates, but I assure you that at our impromptu orgy last night she was quite an exciting discovery! Decorum forbids a discussion of volumes, but there was certainly plenty of fluid flowing in her direction, if you get my meaning!

You wish to see her unmasked? Why of course! No extra charge, special this week. What's that? The ball-gag is too big? Well, maybe a little. Don't want to stretch her, poor dear. Out it comes! Plop! There we are- show yourself off to the nice customer, my dear!

Ah! Welcome to the first round of bidding! It is a quiet week this week what with the summit and everything, so I think you may be able to pick up a bargain! Still interested in lot 1350 I see? I agree, she does have a fine body of her. Hey girl! Up! Wiggle your bottom over here, and be quick about it! Customer doesn't have all day!

Yes, yes, of course she has had Omar's basic training. The full three orifice course, naturally! It is just that she was quite bendy enough for some of those Kama Sutra poses!

I should warn you though, we've had a nibble of interest from Geneva for this lot. She should be a bargain, but someone else may have seen her too. Look at those emerald eyes? Isn't she lovely? Do you REALLY need all those complicated back-breaking positions? I thought not!

Going once for a million dollars...

Going twice...


Wrap and pack her, lads!

Number of Photos: 66 pics 3.4 MB ZIP file
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Price: $6.99 Per Zip File