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Paige Robbins
Paige: Rock Chick!

Even the biggest bands play shit gigs sometimes, but this was taking it to the limit. Somewhere in Hicksville, god alone knows what county they were in, even. Certainly not much action, but the gig was pretty buzzing anyway. Probably the most exciting thing that happened in the town all year. Or ever, come to that.

At least some of the chicks were cute. Actually, some of them were VERY cute. And kinda friendly and welcoming. But they did try to get back-stage and mess with the gear, and the security guards knew that groupies and gear didn't mix. Better keep her away from the axes... damn it! That's Pete's favourite guitar, you damage that and my ass is on the line!

The security guards didn't quite know what to do with her. She was surely the class of the groupies at the gig, and the band might just be very interested in her. But catching her messing around with Pete's favourite guitar, that was BAD news. So the best they could come up with was to tie her to one of the heavy amps and wait for the band (or their manager) to tell 'em what to do with her. She was spittin' and cussin' something awful, but holy cow just look at the figure on her!

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