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Delta Is This Part Of The Training?

One problem with being a trailblazer, breaking down the barriers, being the first woman to challenge traditional male bastions like Samurai training... the other students really don't like you. Not in any way that you could directly challenge, perhaps, but enough to let you know that they believe the only thing you are really good for is lying on your back and being fucked.

Trouble is, in some ways she knopws they are right. She isn't as strong, she didn't start as young, she didn't pass the same tests. She doesn't really belong here, at this level, and she knows it. Truth be told, she is here for a whole different reason. She's here because the martial arts training sequences of kung fu movies, with cruel but impersonal masters being ever so hard on their students, for their own good, made her feel funny. Funny in a good way. Sorta liquid and warm inside. She'd rather die than admit it, but when they give her a harsh hazing or a brutal suspension test, it turns her on. She she's hanging in the training hall, supposed to concentrate on exercising her core muscles, and all she is really thinking about is being fucked.

So maybe the other students really are right...?

80 pics 16.9 MB zip

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