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VIDEO: Sapphire - The Barbarian Queen

Sapphire enjoyed conquest. The thrill of battle, the clash of swords, the spoils of victory, crushing her enemies underfoot and taking the prettiest girls of the kingdoms her armies conquered to be her slaves, her handmaidens, even her foot-stools! She crushed the girls underfoot literally, as she crushed their lands and peoples under the yoke of her rule.

But this girl was clever! She had contacts in the resistance who slipped her a handful of white powder to add to the bitch barbarian queen's wine, to drug her and overcome her. Then the men would strike! They would capture the queen in her own palace, and give her a taste of her own tortures by whipping the soles of those oh-so-pretty bare feet! Then she would feel the wrath of the people she had oppressed, as she would live out the rest of her life as a foot slave!

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