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Delta: The Stand In

"Yes, Professor. I'm very sorry. I know, I know. Yes, I agree it is totally unacceptable for there to be no Television in your room. I'll send someone up"

Knock... knock...

"Hello, Professor. Yes, reception sent me up. No, I didn't bring a television with me for the room. I'm awfully sorry, we're fully booked tonight and we just don't have a spare set. Eight of them have gone wrong in the last week, we must have had a bad batch from the manufacturers. But since you are our most important and valued customer, reception thought that perhaps you might care for a more personal entertainment service to fill the gap? Yes, I'm entirely familiar with your tastes and requirements, sir. Reception showed me the list of your viewing choices for the last few months. I believe the fact that we offer the bespoke barefoot bondage channel is the main reason you continue to favour us with your patronage. I may not be a professional model like the girls on the channel, Professor, but I hope you will find me an acceptable substitute. Yes, I brought some rope with me...."

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