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Albina Rose
Albina Rose: The Slavegirl who lives on the stairs

I like belonging. I like the satisfaction of working for things. I like the sense of achievement of being allowed into Master's bed when I have played our little game so well he admits how much he adores me. If you don't have to work for it, how can you value it? Sleeping with your boyfriend is memorable and special EVERY time if you normally live on a blanket on the stairs outside his flat.

I like rules. I liked being tested and assessed, strictly but fairly, and told what I must do to improve myself. I like obeying the rules, like sleeping naked and only being allowed to dress ten minutes before I must leave for work. Master's most important rule is that, as his barefoot slavegirl, I must always ask for his permission before putting on my shoes. Even when I am about to go to work. If he says no (as he sometimes does) I must go to the office barefoot. I must spend all day at my desk, barefoot. I must come home to him, barefoot.

But sometimes it is hard. When I wake up, and I am sleepy, and I forget that today is a Saturday and that I have no need to go to work. Because this week was a bank holiday, I forget that I only work four days. For that, there is an excuse. But for forgetting the most important rule, for absent-mindedly putting my shoes on without his permission, there can be no excuse. He will punish me most severely. As I deserve. As I desire.

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