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Delta, Dolly, Juliana and the Spiral Stairs

I always enjoy getting new photosets from outside photographers for Restrained Elegance. It isn't that I don't enjoy tying up and photographing girls myself (imagine that!) But there's a real thrill in seeing something which someone has shot to your brief, but which no-one else has seen. With Alexander Lightspear and his gorgeous collaborative circle of stunning models, I sometimes write quite a tight storyline for them to interpret. And sometimes I just say "Yup, I like the look of that location, and I'm always happy to have more of Delta, Dolly and Juliana. Go for it!"

What comes back then is sometimes intense, sometimes, dramatic, sometimes funny, always sexy. And sometimes it is abundantly clear that they had a strong storyline in mind, but I have NO idea what it is! And this photo set is the perfect example of that! It's hot, Delta shows off her bare feet on the stairs, Dolly and Juliana sex it up in lovely lingerie, and Delta sneaks back in and ties them to each other and to the stairs. But as to why, and how, and who the characters are... I'd love to know! Post on the forum and let us know what you think! Prize for the best entry: we'll shoot you a custom video or photoset!

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