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Aria Wednesday
Aria: Not So Black And White

Bondage at bed-time for gorgeous Aria- tied up tight in her silk pyjamas!

This set was actually one of the first in the year-long "Hywel figures out how to shoot photos to an acceptable RE-standard using available light", shot back in December 2015. I'd put off processing it because my original intention had been for it to be in black and white, but the samples I had processed looked better in colour. (I struggle with making black and white artwork, despite liking a lot of black and white photo art).

I tried various recipes and channel combinations, but nothing quite got me to the way I'd wanted the black and white versions to look. And every time I started again, I kept thinking how nice the colour versions looked. So in the end I abandoned the monochrome monomania in favour of the soft northern winter window light and warm fill that I'd used on set in the first place!

Which is why it's taken me a year of playing around and failing to find the black and white look I'd imagined before actually putting these pics up for you!

107 pics 414.5 MB zip

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