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Katie Lee
Katie Lee: Showing Off

Katie was at the fetish ball of the season. This was a big deal, she'd never had an important enough owner to get an invitation before, but this year her Master casually mentioned that they'd be going, as he always did. Katie hadn't actually been sure that he'd choose her, and took it to mean that all was going very, very well...

And just in case she'd needed confirmation of that, he bought her an absolutely beautiful fitted catsuit to wear for the ball. She'd been a bit nervous he'd expect her to go nude (she'd heard some rather wild stories) and she knew she'd be much more confident encased in PVC. No shoes, obviously, but that was fine with her.

But when they got there, Katie confessed to herself that she was a bit disappointed. Where was the wildness? Mostly, the gorgeously attired people were just sitting round sipping drinks - they might as well have been at any old bar. Her Master got into some awful conversation about software with a gentleman dressed all in heavily tailored leather, and Katie wandered off to explore.

'Gorgeous cage!' she thought. She climbed in, and then, getting bolder, climbed on top. Glancing round, she noticed a couple of guests watching her; they were smiling, so she tried to give them a good show. A few more people gathered round - Katie hoped they liked how she looked in her tight catsuit and started to feel she was doing just the right thing for a fetish ball....

And that was when her Master noticed her. Sadly, he didn't appear to share her viewpoint; in fact he appeared to be absolutely furious with her for making such an ill mannered display of herself. And this is how Katie found herself tied inside the cage for the rest of the evening, humiliated by the glances of the same people she'd been showing off to before. Because choosing to make a show of herself was one thing, but being forced was a very different matter....

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