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Sharlize : A Cruel Surprise

Sharlize had been jittery all day. She didn't know how the other chalet girls failed to notice that she was over brimming with excitement, but she was glad of it. It made it all the easier to sneak away, off to the top of the mountain where the frat boys were holidaying. She hadn't expected any of them to notice lowly chalet girls like her, but when one of them sidled up to her as she was tidying away the breakfast things in the main lodge and slipped a note into her hand, she started to find it all too easy to imagine partying with the group. Especially with that gorgeous one with the reddish gold designer stubble.

And finally, having made it up to the plateau and having found their rather isolated but very grand chalet, Sharlize combed through her hair with her cold fingers, bit her lower lip to make it look fuller, and arranged her clothes. She was going to make them sit up and take notice!

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