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Roswell Ivory
Roswell: The Lazy Maid

Roswell felt she had the worst Summer job in the history of university vacations. She was training to be a lawyer and yet here she was, sweeping floors at the local rich, aristocratic family's country estate. Urgh. They hadn't even worked for all their money! And she was at least twice as clever as any of them...

She sat on the couch to think about it. Not only was she far cleverer, she was more beautiful, too. Weren't aristocrats meant to be attractive? Well they weren't - not if the portraits on the walls were anything to go by. If it was her house - well, at least she'd suit the surroundings, and she could set up her office here, in the drawing room....

And that's where she still was when the aristocrat's son, just back from University himself, came into the room and found a half-dressed, gorgeous-looking girl lounging around on his family's furniture. He'd been studying tree-surgery, so suddenly found himself with an excellent subject to practice his rope-work on! Roswell muttered about the Geneva Convention - but he soon discovered that his rope worked equally well as a gag....

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