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Roswell Ivory
VIDEO: Ariel Not My Panties!

Miss Ivory doesn't really fit in in the village. She's just a little... indiscreet. Not so much that she's a gossip (who isn't?) but that she tends to blurt out things right to people's faces. Like about seeing the new curate's bicycle outside Mrs. Hunter's house last night and hearing all sorts of interesting noises emanating from within. Now telling Ms. Anderssen about it would be one thing, but bringing it up over afternoon tea at Mrs. Hunter's! Quite another!

The other two ladies take Miss Ovory to task for her indiscretion. Since she seems so concerned about propriety, perhaps being put on display in a dishevelled, not to say revealed, state might teach her a lesson? SHe does seem very concerned that people should not see her panties....

10.58 minutes (240.5 MB zip)

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