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The Elegance Network: Browsing Jasmine Sinclair & Candice Simmons: Karaoke Queen Part One
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Candice Simmons
Jasmine Sinclair & Candice Simmons: Karaoke Queen Part One

"The Neon Dungeon" sounded like a laugh. Jasmine had had a tough week, wall-to-wall meetings and tense deals with wary shareholders, so she really felt like letting her hair down. The club decor was a bit basic- a lot of black- but the clientele were young, sexy and fabulously dressed in kinky PVC and rubber and leather. Jasmine had had more than enough Archers to get her in the mood, and what she really wanted was to strut her stuff! The club didn't seem to have a karaoke set-up per se, but Jasmine spotted an announcers microphone - just the job! No-one was on the dance floor anyway so Jasmine grabbed the mike and started to belt out "Sweet Dreams my LA ex"... out of tune, but with considerable enthusiasm!It didn't seem to impress the tall, dark dominatrix too much. Without even deigning to speak, she strode onto the dance floor and grabbed the microphone, ignoring Jasmine's protests... then she grabbed hold of Jasmine's wrists and tied her hands behind her back with the microphone cord! Jasmine was too plastered to really object, even when the domme pulled down her jacket and pulled off her skirt! Normally Jasmine would have screamed blue murder, but she'd had a very large number of glasses of Archers & Lemonade, and there was something about the assurance with which this tall, dark-haired woman moved that held Jasmine hypnotised. She knew she wasn't really into girls, too much of a flirt with the boys for that, but she was too drunk to do anything other than go with the flow tonight. Finally, the domme spoke. "You clueless little bitch! You stroll in here as if you owned the place, flash your legs around like they are deadly weapons and then disturb everyone's evening with your catastrophic caterwauling! You need to be taken" (she unclipped Jasmine's bra with a practised flick of the wrists, and slid her hands underneath the material to cup her heaving breasts...) "in HAND" she said- and twisted Jasmine's nipples, hard! Jasmine gave a sharp intake of breath, confusion and pain mixing with the hot tang of desire on her tongue. "What you need..." (the mistress put her hands on Jasmine's shoulders, and pushed her forcefully to her knees) "is someone to take you down a peg or two! Now kiss my ass!"Jasmine couldn't believe it! How dare she! But.. how could she resist? Such a glorious soft smooth ass... if she'd been sober, she would have blocked off the sudden flood of arousal, of unlimited desire... but it was night, and she was drunk, and she very badly wanted this bitch to take her and humiliate her in public... hesitantly, she leaned forwards, her hot breath on the woman's gorgeous ass... and she planted a kiss, as she had been ordered!
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