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Rose Wood
VIDEO: Rose & Jaye - Insecure

There are reasons why documents stamped "Commercial in Confidence" and "Secret" should nt be taken out of the secure perimeter at work. But Jaye doesn't really think the rules apply to her- she's pretty much an outside contractor, depite being a government offical. What does she care if the details leak? Even if the commercial secrets are militarily sensitive? So she couldn't really be bothered with all the protocols and just took a few reports home to catch up.

Of course, that's just the sort of opportunity the enemy has been waiting for, and they dispatch a top operative to obtain the information. And if they manage to get some blackmail material on the girl at the same time, all the better- maybe she'll feed them more information! Or maybe just sell the pictures to the papers... particularly since all that bondage gear was just lying there in the girl's wardrobe!

Some nude bondage photos to blackmail her with, and a fistful of photos of documents. Let's just cut those clothes off and take a few more snaps, shall we...?

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