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Rebekah Dee
Rebekah Dee and Nikki

Alright, so I could claim I had a dramatic storyline in mind when I tied and gagged Nikki and Rebekah together. I could say that I was looking for the curves to match in a sort of yin-yang symbol of Eastern Zen bondage symmetry.

It would be a total lie. They'd giggled their way through the shoot, collapsing every time they caught each other's eyes, so gagging was necessary to shut them up. Nikki had got out of the cuffs earlier on, and Rebekah was proving something of an escape artist too, so why did I go for such a simple tie? In fact, their wrists were drawn so tightly against the other's ankles that their fingers couldn't reach around to the knots, carefully tied the other side of the ankles. It was a relief to have some peace and quiet and not have to retie them for a while. The mood perceptibly changed, got quieter and whole lot more erotically charged. Although they wriggled around most playfully at the start, they just couldn't get anywhere. I'd pretty much won, and even when I ungagged them the only sounds were sighs. It was only my total professionalism that stopped me drenching the whole scene in baby oil and leaping right into the middle of them... Sigh. The sacrifices I make to get pictures for you lot... ;-)

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