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The Elegance Network: Browsing Samira and the Webcam Stalker
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Samira and the Webcam Stalker

Samira loved having a webcam in her house - it made every ordinary little thing she did feel like a performance! And she loved knowing that around the world, people were logging in to watch her - it made her feel fascinating, sexy and cool. It was tempting to dress herself up to the nines whatever she was doing - she'd selected her corset and mini-skirt combination especially for 'relaxing at home with a magazine' . And the 'ping' noises from her computer told her it was having a great impact on viewing figures.

Of course, she hadn't expected the intruder. Well, hadn't known which night he was planning to come (they'd decided that'd make her reaction more believable). But as he roughly manhandled her to the floor, and locked the cold steel handcuffs around her wrists and ankles, she was glad that he'd chosen tonight - she knew she looked hot! 'Remember the gag!' she hissed at him while her face was hidden from the webcam. 'It needs to look real!'. This was going to get her the best viewing figures ever!

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