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Rebekah Dee
Rebekah Dee and Nikki: Spoilt Princess

"Good morning, your Royal Highness. How may I serve you this morning?"

"Ah, girl. You're late again! I had a long night at the party and I danced for hours. My poor feet are tired out, and all sweaty. Clean them."

"Of course, your Royal Highness. Shall I fetch the sponge and the bowl?"

"Of course not, you silly slut! Use your tongue, and snap to it!"

The maid baulked at the order. The princess' feet were very beautiful, but after a night in dancing slippers, they were not exactly appealing.

"What! You insolent bitch! You'll obey my orders, and double quick!"

The maid shook her head.

The princess reached behind her chair and pulled out a wicked riding crop.

"I was planning to whip my stallion into a frenzy for my morning ride, but I guess I'll just have to whip you into a lather instead!"

The princess flicked the crop at her reluctant serving girl.

"Bend over, I'm going to lash your ass red raw!"

After a dozen hard strokes the princess decided that this was fine sport. Time for more. She tied the poor girl's wrists above her head and really laid into her backside. Just to drive home the point, she directed some stinging blows at the soles of the maid's bare feet. That was enough for the poor lass- she begged to be allowed to clean her mistress' feet.

She made busy at cleaning her mistress' feet with her tongue. But it wasn't enough to save her. Somehow her mistress once again found fault- her tongue wasn't cleaning well enough. So the poor serving girl found herself strung up for a further lashing. Her screams, barely muffled by the silk stuffed into her mouth, echoed around the palace.

She vowed that she would have revenge.

That evening, the princess was sitting in her chair musing about what tortures she could inflict next on her helpless maid. She'd found the punishment she'd dished out to be very exciting, and was keen to explore this new game some more. And if the maid didn't like it- what was she going to do? The answer came in the form of a cold steel blade at her throat.

The princess looked up in shock to see that the blade was wielded by none other than her useless maid!The maid threw the blonde princess on the floor and drove the point of the sword in between her fine breasts.

"You've treated me like dirt for years. Let's see you like being the one on the bottom, your Royal Highness!"

And with that she proceeded to take out all her anger on her spoilt young mistress's backside.

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