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Katie Thornton
Katie Thornton: Tramp At The Dinner Party

And remember, we have to be nice to Ms. Morrison, I'm hoping she'll give me a promotion. And to Mr. Jones, on general principle- it is always good to have the boss' boss know who you are. And... good grief! You're not intending to wear THAT, are you?

What do you mean why not? I would have thought that was self-evident, darling! We want to impress them, not seduce them! Yes, I agree it does look very good indeed on you. But it is hardly appropriate attire for a slightly stuffy dinner party for people from work, is it? No, no there's no time to change now, I hear the doorbell! That'll be Mr. Jones, he and his wife are always early! Quickly, you'll have to get into the wine cellar. No, don't answer back, for once just do what I say! Look, we left these here- click- click. That should keep you here while I field the guests. I'll try to slip down later on and bring you some more suitable attire. We cannot have you wearing something as scandalous as that dress!

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