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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's - Slave Training: Part One

Slave Training: Part One

Slave training is turning out to be significantly harder than I thought. Not only is Hywel a good deal more demanding than I'd expected, but the Restrained Elegance Members' suggestions aren't exactly helping me to get an easy ride, either....

I woke up, suddenly, at the beginning of my two day intensive training. I was on the floor of the studio, chained to the foot of the bed by my collar. Sleep is not easy when your hands are chained behind you, believe me! And it felt like the middle of the night. So remembering all the new rules when Hywel woke me up was pretty much beyond me. I'd forgotten that panties and shoes aren't allowed to be worn in the studio, and though I've more or less grasped the fact that I'm now meant to call Hywel (and visiting members) 'Sir', it's hard to remember that EVERY time. So, even before I'd entirely woken up, I found myself being bent over the bed I'm not allowed to sleep in, and caned. What a bad start!


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