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Gemma L
Gemma - Who knows what perverted orgies she has witnessed?

It is her assigned position, tied to the altar as a decorative adornment to the hidden temple of Set. Who knows what horrors, what perversions she has witnessed here, a passive feature bound only to observe, tkane down from her place each morning to sleep, re-instated each evening at the start of the orgies.

She was captured in some tavern in the seaport, living a dissolute life of wine and vice. The priest of Set who captured her didn't even need to drug her- she was already insensible from her own indulgences. One might have suspected that such an enthusiastic wanton would be put to service directly in the orgies. But the priests are cunning and wicked in their cruelty, and they know that to one so steeped in self-indulgence and the pleasures of the flesh, the greatest torture of all is to be made to watch... and to never be touched, and to never be able to experience what she sees before her.

Who knows what perverted orgies she has witnessed? And who would guess that her most profound desire is not for freedom, but to be allowed to join in?

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