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Paige Robbins
Paige Naked in the Harem

New harem slave Paige is shown how she must hold herself on display, locked in steel chains. She must never be wanton, except when the sultan has had her sent directly to his personal chambers. No, she must appear as provocative as possible, but chaste- so as to make all the noble guests of the sultan realise what a catch she is!

As a taste of the punishments in store for those who disobey the rules of the harem, Paige is shown that she should be grateful for small mercies, like having her hands manacled in front of her. Things could be so much worse... like this! She could be locked in reverse prayer, in inescapable steel...

Hywel's Note: Yowser! I was processing photos in the office when Steve shot this set of Paige. How good does reverse prayer in steel look? Very severe: only someone as flexible and supple as Paige could even get into the position in the first place, and the shackles padlocked to the body harness chains means she really can't do anything to take the pressure off!

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