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Riona - Bitchy Lot, Models!

Riona always found it worth her while to show up 15 minutes earlier than her callsheet said. She knew the average model was always late, and today's other model was most definitely average. At best! With a bit of luck she'd be in and out of makeup and shooting before the other girl even arrived- and that was the key to her success. Sure, the client might want two girls together, or a choice of the two to use for his campaign, but first impressions count and Riona was a past master at the art of getting noticed. A little sweet talking to the client, flash a bit of leg for the photographer, hint at a few under-the-table handjob favours after the shoot (but of course, never deliver them! Ick!)

The deal was often done and dusted before the other silly bitch even showed up!

Unfortunately for Riona, the word had got around. Nadja had actually arrived even earlier, and had done her own deal with the client. Nadja would do the job for free on condition that she got to put Riona in her place... tied up and under her heel! Since the photographer was only too keen to get some shots of that stuck-up little minx getting what was coming to her (lots of bucks for the bondage sideline business or to Heat magazine!) and the client had had a brush or two with Riona's bargaining style in the past, they were only too keen to set it up!

Hywel's Note: It should go without saying, but the stories that go along with these sets are pure fiction! :-)

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