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Goldie & Chanta: More Than She Bargained For

Goldie waited nervously. It was her first date with Chanta, and Chanta was a pro-Domme. But Goldie told herself that she mustn't assume that Chanta would want to dominate her in real life - sexual cruelty might just be a day-job for Chanta, not a lifestyle choice.

Oh, but Goldie hoped that Chanta would sense her desire to submit! She'd never found anyone who'd realised what it was she wanted, and Goldie was desperate to explore her fantasies in real life. She wanted to be controlled, made to do things that were difficult and painful. Forced into submission.

And Chanta did not disappoint. Actually, Goldie found herself wishing (as the ballgag Chanta had chosen stretched her jaw painfully wide) that perhaps they could have moved a bit slower that evening. And she certainly hadn't expected Chanta to be quite so interested in her feet...

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