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Zarina: The Hogtie Did The Trick

Zarina the shop-window model was meant to be displaying her pretty silk dress in order to entice customers into the store. But Zarina's main interest seemed to be all about flashing her pretty bare feet at any men who walked past!

Scandalized, the department store owner (who'd already paid Zarina's rather high fee) ordered that she should be restrained in some way, to force her to stop behaving in such a disgraceful manner. But the handcuffs and leg irons only seemed to compound the problem - ever more men gathered in front of the store, blocking potential customers' view. Zarina's poses just got even more inappropriate.

And in the end, the only thing that worked was a strict metal hogtie, with a cloth gag to stop Zarina smiling at everyone. Which finally, did the trick.

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