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VIDEO: Frankie - Tabloid Editor's Sleazy Bondage Sex Secrets Revealed!

Tabloid editor Rachel Rivers gets what's coming to her when the girlfriend of one of the celebs whose life she's made a living hell decides to take revenge on her! She breaks into Rivers' city apartment and takes her down, locking her into a tight steel hog-tie while she waits for the hire hands to come and take her into the van.

Bundled across town, Rivers is horrified to be taken into a sleazy dungeon full of sex and bondage gear. Tightly duct-taped to the bondage pole and gagged, she is helpless and can do no more than struggle ineffectually as her captor bears her breasts and takes a whole stack of incriminating topless photos to sell to her tabloid rivals! Now she'll know what it feels like to have the Jackals of Fleet Street after her!

13.43 minutes (577.5 MB zip)

ID #: RE_frankietakedown_1080p.zip
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