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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: A Very Special Wedding Dress

If all has gone to plan, Ariel and I will be married by the time you read this. Woooo!

In advance celebration of the event photographer/bondage enthusiast/RE member Sheep had a brainwave- he would make a wedding dress to fit Ariel. Not just any wedding dress, but a metal one!

A few months of construction, and many cuts, scrapes, grazes and puncture wounds later, he had wrangled this amazing creation into shape. Built of layers of fine metal mesh boned and shaped by a minimal metal framework, it is absolutely a thing of beauty- and it fitted Ariel perfectly! I was amazed how figure-hugging it was, and Ariel says it wasn't that much more difficult to get into or to wear than some corsets.

Sheep very kindly brought the fruits of his hard work along to our house to photograph Ariel the magnificent creation. This is what they came up with when I let them loose in the studio. I love the accessories they added to turn it into a proper bondage outfit. I don't know how practical it would have been for the actual wedding- the dress did have certain issues getting through normal-width doors! But I've never seen anything quite like it, and I'm thrilled to be able to feature it here on RE by kind permission.

Thanks, Sheep! We're very proud to have such lovely creative members and it is awesome to be able to show off your work here on Restrained Elegance.

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