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Lera: One of THOSE shoots

Yes, it was one of those fashion shoots. Lera recognised this immediately, she'd been modelling for two months after all and she'd learnt loads about the industry. There were the commercial shoots, where you had to pretend you weren't posing at all while smiling aimlessly at the ceiling. There were the lingerie shoots where she'd spend 8 hours in high heels and underwear, throwing her hair around and trying to look orgasmic (yet classy, always classy).

And then there was this kind of shoot. An edgy one. The pictures were destined for one of the hippest fashion magazines, so Lera was more than happy to put on the handcuffs and leg irons before doing a series of her very favourite poses. Actually, she'd shot something VERY similar 5 days ago in Milan, but she wasn't going to burst the art director's bubble and tell him that his 'edgy', 'new' idea was actually pretty standard fare. Not that she minded; actually, she was planning to take the handcuffs home in her handbag if she could manage it - she thought she could do something a great deal more fun with them tonight!

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