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Natalia Forrest
Natalia: Tied Up For The Evening

Natalia is exhibited and exposed bound tight in the centre of the room for all to admire!

Hywel's Note: I'm sorry about the "rainbow" Moire effect on Natalia's clothes in some of these shots. This is caused by the fine mesh patterns interacting with the red/green/blue filtered pixels in the camera's sensor. Unlike most dSLR's, the Hasselblad doesn't have an anti-aliasing filter in front of its sensor. 95%+ of the time, that results in nice sharp, crisp images (with maybe just a faint hint of rainbow shimmer on really fine detail- not something you'd even see unless you zoomed in to 100% on the full-sized shots). But just sometimes you hit a toxic combination of the size of the mesh on the clothes, the lens choice, and the exact distance from the camera to get this Moire effect. And if you do, it is hard to spot at shooting time and hard to clean up in post processing. So apologies- I decided to leave those shots in the set because Natalia is so hot it seemed criminal to throw the photos away!

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