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VIDEO: Hannah & Janey - Don't Upstage The Bride!

If there's one rule EVERY girl knows when attending a wedding, it is that you should never upstage of the bride. It isn't your day for slutting around, it is her day for looking like the most gorgeous girl in the world. You don't wear your sexiest short dress, or over-do the make-up, and you most CERTAINLY don't fox and flirt your way around the reception and try to seduce anything in trousers that drives a Jaguar!

That was the last straw for chief bridesmaid Hannah. She followed Janey and her conquest up to the hotel room and gave them a piece of her mind. He ran like a startled whippet, but Janey seemed to be entirely shameless... so Hannah decided to tie her up and leave her in the room for the cleaners to take care of in the morning!

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