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Penny Lee
VIDEO: Ariel and Penny - Happy Birthday!

Ohh, we had such good fun shooting this! My idea was for Penny and Ariel to be preparing for a birthday party, but as nude in metal girls, they would want to do all the party preparation nude and locked in metal bondage. Even turning out the jellies and blowing up the balloons. As often happens for my nude-in-metal ideas, Ariel looked at me like I was quite, quite mad. I'm not sure she entirely gets why I find it so sexy to see beautiful naked women struggling to complete normally-trivial tasks because I've locked them in layers of metal bondage. It's not just me, is it?

18.31 minutes (588.5 MB zip)

ID #: RE_NIMArielPennyBirthdayParty_1080p.zip
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