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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Humiliated In Front Of the Amateur Photographers

Ariel is hosting the 25th meeting of the amateur photographer's association on behalf of her boss this evening. The house is ready, and she's playing poker with Tom, the boss' son and his college friends. The deck is stacked and she makes an unsafe bet... $1000 versus all of her clothes.

Of course when she loses she's not going to stand for that- but Tom isn't going to stand for that- he's got a prototype of a new mind control device from one of his boss' companies and he programs Ariel to strip! She loses control of her hands, and they start to undress her, in public! In front of all the amateur photographers, with their cameras! They assume that she's the photographic subject for the evening and start snapping away... some even start posting to Facebook!

Hywel's note: this film was shot as a custom video. It doesn't have bondage in it, but I love the humiliation aspect of a very prim and proper lady slowly becoming more and more dishevelled and distressed, unable to stop it... I figured if you like the dom/sub aspects of BDSM or humiliation play, you might like it too. Which is why I've put it up on RestrainedElegance.com for you to enjoy. There are a couple of others in the series- let me know whether you think we should put them up for you too.

Ariel says it is very fun to shoot these, but also very challenging- she's hit herself in the face a few times, fighting with her own hands!

29.28 minutes (929.5 MB zip)

ID #: RE_ArielAmateurPhotographers_1080p.zip
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