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Katie Thornton
Katie Thorton: The Possibilities of Big Boobs

Ariel Writes:-

'This was our first shoot with top-of-her-game British glamour model Katie. And it was impossible not to notice her absolutely massive boobs! I'd never tied up anyone with anything approaching her physique, and I was a bit nervous. Would the normal chest harnesses that I tie even work on her? Would the rope kind of just disappear? Did I have to think on my feet and figure out something new? Katie patiently waited while I stared at her bosom, awaiting inspiration. And in the end, it was huge fun, figuring out a tie that (hopefully) suitably enhances this golden girl's assets. I certainly love the result. Hope that you do too!'

97 pics 19.5 MB zip

ID #: RE_katiethorntonbedlingeriegoldrope.zip
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