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Cobie: Troll Meadow

"Why is it called Troll Meadow?"

"Well you see the river? People used to think that trolls lived in the holes in the river bank. If a tree fell across the river and bridged the flow, the trolls would charge them to cross or drag them into the water."

"And gobble them up?"

"Well, in a sense! Let's just say the Victorians cleaned the stories up a bit. Very lusty, apparently, trolls...."

"How exciting! Maybe I'll just fall asleep here by the river bank and see if a troll comes up to me. I've got cold iron to see them off if I need to."

I didn't have the heart to tell her that's fae, not trolls. Trolls are metal-workers. I figured she'd find that out for herself soon enough. And exactly what sort of gobbling up trolls favoured, too!

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