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Hannah Claydon
Hannah Claydon: White Stocking Sexiness

You know I'm a bare foot man most of the time, but I do have a soft spot for stockings and suspenders. Especially white stockings and suspenders. I love the mix of innocence and wickedness that they convey, and there's something quite ice queen about them too (you'll note that Emma Frost wears them in the X-Men!)

Mostly of course they look great because I'm lucky enough to be able to put them on to really talented models like Hannah Claydon. I'm always a bit in awe of the subtle mechanics of modelling. The difference between an awkward pose, a nice pose and a stunning pose is in fractions of a centimetre, a few degrees tilt of hip or dropping of shoulder. It's not something I could do in a million years, my proprioception isn't nearly good enough- and that would be without rope in the way, too. I like working with new models and amateur models who are just getting it, but the most fun shoots of all are with professional full-time models like Hannah (and Ariel, and the other site regulars) who can do it so well they make it look like they are doing nothing at all.

I assure you there's a lot of technical skill going on to make it look that good, and that effortless!

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