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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Collecting Fluff

Ariel HATES being told to do house-hold chores while she's in bondage. So when it is proper punishment time, it has to be an unreasonably difficult task that would be much easier with sensible tools. Like getting all the fluff off the stair carpet... by hand. No vacuum cleaners here!

Hywel's note: this set is up as a bonus rather than a regular update because it's not very high quality technically. It was this set, shot back in February 2012, that made me realise I didn't have the kit or the skill to shoot available light or available light plus very subtle fill indoors.

The frustrations of not being able to shoot this set the way I'd envisaged it were primarily due to the lack of sensitivity and high noise of the sensors in the cameras I had at the time. This was shot on a Canon 7D: a perfectly fine camera for its time, but even when it was realised it was far from state of the art in low light. I did have some faster lenses which I could have used, but the old Canon stuff from the film era really didn't behave well wide open. And at the time I didn't have any decent continuous lights that could be colour tuned or dimmed.

It's taken me four years and a bunch of investment, but compare these shots with sets like "Just For Fun", "Rainy Day Damsel" or, quintessentially, "A Bondage Date" to see how much difference the right gear and some progress up the learning curve has made. This was the reason I bought the Sony A7RII. The Hasselblad is awesome under studio conditions, but the lower reach of its light gathering power is really f/4, 1/200th of a second and ISO 80. The 7D and the lenses I had for it stretched that to maybe f/2.8, 1/200th and ISO200 - by ISO400 the image was starting to fall apart, and I didn't trust the lenses below f/2.8. It's really only a couple of stops better than the Hasselblad.

The Sony has image stablization which brings 1/100th well within reach (even 1/50th with wide angle lenses), ISO800 is clean and ISO1600 useable, and f/1.4 or f/1.8 lenses that perform well wide open. That's a good 7 stops over the Hasselblad. The Sony can get clean images when there's only 1/128th as much light as the Hasselblad needs and that's hell of a difference.

Gear won't make you a better photographer. But sometimes it allows you to take a photo in situations where you previously could not.

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