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Sophia B
Sophia B: #GameOfSlaves: The Wrong Target

Hey, turns out this #GameOfSlaves thing isn't as easy as it looks. If she'd done her research, she'd know better than to go after @ArielAnderssen. She's getting to be hot property now, and although @PennyLee92 got her hands on her first, I'm betting some serious players are targeting her. And great though she is on style, I don't think @SophiaBlakeXx has the martial arts to cut it against the dommes she's going up against.

Oh yeh, look! I just found this of Sophia B! She must have crossed paths with someone pretty recently, it wasn't her who posted it. That looks like the dungeon of one of the mansions, doesn't it? That must mean things are hotting up! Everyone repost if you see something new!

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