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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: The Perfect Life for the Perfect Slave

I live to serve my husband, my master. He has made me into the perfect slave, even when he is away I obey all his orders to the letter. Why no, Sarah, I don't do things on my own initiative, what a strange thing to say. So your husband likes it when you surprise him with sexts and your own ideas? Huh. Doesn't sound very perfect to me. I like to say that my husband even thinks for me. Look, if you tried it I thin you'd find it was a more perfect form of slavery than yours. Well, yes, that's about what I'd expect from someone who went to - where was it? Oh yes, Durham. Not like getting a first at Oxford, is it? You know, my James has been called in to Number Ten as a special advisor. Where is Tarquin? Oh yes, on an oil-rig. Oh, I know it is his oil-rig but really that doesn't make it any better, does it? Now watch and learn, Sarah. This is how you make a sext to your husband, your master. You follow his every instruction to the letter.

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