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Hannah Claydon
VIDEO: Hannah - The Latest Package

Hannah does so love bondage! Such a shame that she doesn't currently have anyone to tie her up! Well, never mind, she keeps herself happy by buying new bondage gear, saving it up for a hot date... or at least saving it up for a hot night in the house on her own, trying out some silk scarf bondage or trying her new ball gag on for size!

Of course, usually she remembers to check that her housemate is out before she opens the latest parcel full of kinky goodies. Usually she remembers to shut her bedroom door. Wouldn't it be just awful if her housemate were to find her like this? All tied up on the bed? Imagine, she might even take matters into her own hands and "finish the job", tying Hannah up in a hogtie and making sure that she can't get herself out! Why, that would be so embarrassing! Mortifying! Awful! But kinda hot, too... oh!

19.45 minutes (727.5 MB zip)

ID #: RE_Hannah_scarfsurprised_1080p.zip
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