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Sara W
Sara W: The Kidnapping Business

Be careful who you go into partnership with, or you might find yourself on the wrong end of the kidnapping business!

Hywel's note: this was an experiment in lighting in a Hollywood movie style. The main light was provided outside the window by a big six foot square sunfire reflector, which I lit up with a studio flash on full power. The angle of the reflector board was tuned to make the light come in through the window at a fairly low angle, like golden hour sunlight. A small flash in the next room provided just enough fill to get by and provide catchlights in Sara's eyes. Hollywood would light this way with a generator truck and HMI lights- fortunately for stills we can make the same lighting pattern work with a single battery-powered studio flash unit. I really like the way it looks- it is the first time I managed a proper simulation of golden-hour sunlight.

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