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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Sinclair: Happy Birthday Restrained Elegance! Fifteen Today!

This set was shot not long after the site opened its doors on 1st April 2002. It never got processed before because of technical problems- which I've fixed as best as I can. I keep a few of these older sets around for special occasions- like the fifteenth birthday of Restrained Elegance!

It's fab because it's got Jasmine Sinclair in it, and who doesn't love that? But also fascinating because it was shot on my first digital SLR, a Canon D30, with a luxurious 3 megapixel sensor! Laptops have more pixels on their screen these days, and your phone has a higher resolution sensor. The lights I was using took several seconds to recharge, so you'll see the brightness vary a bit when I was too keen to take the next shot. (My current lights don't suffer from that, but the radio system isn't as reliable for triggering them as the wires I used back then. So swings and roundabouts, these days I sometimes get shots where only some of the lights fired at all).

That green ball gag? Home made. Same as the cuffs, which I think were sent in by a fan in the early days who'd made them himself. I didn't think I'm still in touch- I hope he launched a business making kinky bondage gear :-)

I've still got the lenses I used to shoot on. I don't use them much but they've been on some recent sets (the flare one with Becky Perry, and the shallow depth of field of Penny Lee in the cage). The classic combo of 35/50/85 mm focal lengths is still what 95% of RE shots use (or their equivalents for medium format of 50/80/120 mm). "Spend your money on glass, light and support. Cameras are disposable." is the most important advice I ever got, and it is the advice I pass on most often when people ask me about gear. Although don't call lenses "glass" in public, it makes you sound like a hipster dick.

RE has been active through three main revolutions: see my blog for some more thoughts!

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